Wednesday, April 24, 2024

UROSAN CHEMICAL IND. CO. is an organization which is one of the pioneers of foam manufacturing in Turkey and the first foam which is sold as a BRAND and has become an example in foam market with its quality and wide product range since 1974.

Through its products offered in the market, Urosan has become a brand with its quality and fast shipping coming first into mind for foam in Turkey.

We continue our way by gaining the user’s confidence through quality foams that address sofa sets, beds, automotive industry, textile industry and other technical fields of use.

Our claim that we will manufacture anything you like is valid and our factory operates in Velimese/Ergene with 15.000 sqm indoor space in a 35.000 sqm area and we seal the back of every product that we manufacture with our specialist team which can prepare all kinds of orders for you.

Urosan has always been the manufacturer of the firsts in synthetic foam production; UROSAN has been pioneer in manufacturing such as:

  • Visco foam production Feather (Too Soft) Foam Production
  • Flame Lamination Foam Production
  • Flame Retardant Foam Production
  • Hydrophilic Foam Production
  • Cup Foam Production
  • 32 Density Super Solid foam production
  • Polyester foam
  • Filter (Reticulated)
  • HR foam production
  • HLB foam production.

Being unique in polyester and filter production in Turkey, our company Urosan first brings about the concept of quality in foams and seals density on and stands behind the foams that it manufactures, and it will always be the manufacturer of the firsts in the industry and continue the tradition of being ranking the first in the market in the forthcoming years through its new products...